Not ‘a’ drummer… ‘THE’ DRUMMER. GeT iT rIgHt!

Since breaking into the music scene, Benjamin Preuss has developed a solid reputation for excellence on and off the stage. Nicknamed “Doctor” for his precision and technique, Preuss dedicated himself to drumming in a variety of styles and genres. His studies include symphonic percussion, corps drumming, jazz, funk, Latin, avant garde, metal, rock and blues.

Live performance is at the heart of music, and that is exactly where The Doctor shines. Preuss has shared stages with 10 Years, Earshot, Burn Halo, Royal Bliss, Five Finger Death Punch, Taproot, Hurt, Sevendust and Candlebox. Preuss also put on a wicked performance playing with the band Silvergun for thousands of people at JJO’s 2009 Band Camp in Madison, WI. In addition, Preuss and Silvergun did a short run with Buckcherry and Papa Roach. There they played to arena crowds boasting 10,000 screaming fans.

Preuss’ drumming has been captured in timeless form on three full length studio albums. Preuss and Silvergun released a self-titled debut album in 2008 followed by another release titled “Goodbye To Yesterday” in 2010. During early 2010 the Chicago based, alternative/post-hardcore band, Me, The Mirror, hired Preuss as a session drummer for their self-titled debut album. Subsequently, he was hired as MTM’s permanent drummer.

Currently, Preuss is playing with the band, “Derringer”. Hailing from Waukesha, WI, Derringer features a dirty blues sound, mixed with elements of funk and rock. The group is gearing up for live shows around Southeastern Wisconsin. More details coming soon…

Session Work

Ben Preuss IS NOW AVAILABLE for session work! Educated in everything from jazz, funk and Latin genres to pop, rock and extreme metal Preuss has the ability, feel and experience that you are looking for in a session drummer. Rates are flexible and negotiable. EMAIL BEN NOW to get more information and set up some wicked drums for your next album, show or performance!!!


(Current Configuration List)
Yamaha Birch Custom, Absolute Series

14″x 6″ Snare
10″x 8″ Tom
12″x 8″ Tom
13″x 9″ Tom
16″x 15″ Floor Tom
18″x 16″ Floor Tom
22″x 18″ Bass Drum
14″ Sabian HHX Hi Hats
18″ Sabian AAX Dark Crash
18″ Sabian AAX Stage Crash
18″ Sabian HHX Chinese
20″ Sabian HHX Stage Ride
Tama Iron Cobra Double BD Pedal
Tama Ergo-Rider Throne