Ben’s Send Off Show

Ben’s send off show with Derringer just went down this past Saturday, June 2 at Knucklehead’s in Eagle, Wisconsin. The show went off without a hitch, and in traditional Derringer fashion the night ended up being one big, musical party. Words really cannot describe this show… Hopefully you were there to share the experience with us!

Although Ben’s move to Arizona is a welcomed and exciting beginning to new opportunities the transition is bittersweet. Since his early teens Preuss has always been involved in various music projects. Derringer is by far one of the most rewarding groups in Preuss’ lifetime. Every individual involved brings so much to the band. The camaraderie that is created when a group of musicians dedicates time and effort to creating an art form to share with others is a special bond. Derringer creates those bonds.

Derringer was formed for a pure pursuit of creating fun, enjoyable music; enjoyable for the fans, but also enjoyable for all members. While the group does dedicate a weekly rehearsal schedule, the music has always been “screened” to ensure Derringer maintains its focus of simply having fun, and creating an atmosphere where others can have fun too. It’s this simple, yet effective formula that gives Derringer its edge, and is the reason Ben lists his tenure with Derringer as one of his most rewarding bands to date.

A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to Andy Holm, Madeline Goodwill, Andrew Moore, Larry Moore and Justin Enk (as well as former member, Aram Feriants) for making these experiences possible. The world needs music, and we did a damn good job at delivering our sound to the world.

As far as the future, both Ben and Derringer will continue on. Derringer has plans to bring aboard another drummer and should be back on the scene within a few months.

Ben will take some time getting settled into desert life, but has strong plans to continue with music, bringing a bit of midwest drumming skills to the southwest.

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