Nice Ash – Take Two

Spending a night with The Doctor and Derringer is one great way to close out the year! Derringer’s performance last night was nothing short of amazing. The band successfully managed to pack another venue, and deliver a night of great music, dancing and a party better than Sunday’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Doctor helped light up the night with a couple impressive drum solos, and tasty grooves. After reflecting on Saturday’s performance Preuss has promised to deliver an even better display of drumming prowess in upcoming Derringer performances.

And with that said, Preuss and Derringer want to thank everyone who came out on this year’s New Year’s Eve Eve to party the night away. As always, a big ‘thank you’ goes out to the Nice Ash for inviting the group. But most of all, we need to recognize our fans who make every show better than the last. Thank you!

Doctor Preuss and Derringer will be back! Stay tuned.

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